I have shallow acne scarring and Indian skin. I think that I have ice pick scars. What procedure would be best for my skin?

The therapist suggested last week that I do 3 Ematrix laser procedures and told me that it will reduce my acne scarring by 80%...Is this true? I developed pigmentation after I did the FX laser for 3 months.. and that is why I am not doing any more fraxel or FX laser procedures.. Although the FX has reduced my acne scarring significantly . What procedure would be best for my skin and will the Ematrix really reduce my acne scarring?

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EMatrix is ideal for acne scars in pigmented (dark) skin - Williamsville, NY

Thank you for your question.

For pigmented skin, eMatrix is safe as it is sublative and not known to cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

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If they are truely ice pick scars, procedures such as punch excision and TCA CROSS would be ideal. With the later you WILL get pigmentation for up to 5 months post procedure. 

I frequently use RF eMatrix on darker skin types ( I think the video attached shows a case). I like eMatrix as a general treatment for early acne scars. If you have deep scars, I would elect INFINI over eMatrix, as this penetrates 3.5 mm into the skin, eMatrix is sublative - a term that means the pins of eMatrix do not penetrate the upper layers of the skin. Having said that, I have seen eMatrix work on ice pick scars, however if you have access to better technology, I always pick a device that is best for your type of scarring. 

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EMatrix for Dark Skin

One of the benefits of eMatrix is that the laser is "color-blind" so you can safely use the laser regardless of skin color.  You can treat these deep acne scars with radiofrequency heat and have fabulous results.  Be certain to consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with these lasers for the best results  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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