I want to close my gaps but don't want braces. What should I do? (Photo)

I have massive gaps and my two side teeth next to my front teeth is out so there will not be any tooth coming out anymore

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Anything less than orthodontics will look poor

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Your lateral incisors are either still in the bone, or congenitally missing (don't exist and never did).  The centrals are partly in the central position and the lateral position, and any attempt to close the spaces OTHER than with braces/invisalign will look "fake" or just plain "less than it should".  There are two options, move the centrals where they should be and create space for implants or a bridge, or "lateralize the canines" (move the canines into the lateral spot.  I do NOT suggest the second choice, it will reduce space for the tongue and may lead to sleep disordered breathing, tooth grinding, or TMJ issues.My advice is braces.  Move teeth to the positions they SHOULD be (centrals in the central spot, canines in the canine spot) and place implants for the laterals.  This will take both time and money, but should last a very long time.

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