Hair is not growing, please advise? (Photos)

I had hair transplant , I am completing 4 months and 22 days now but i have noticed hair growing more in the hairline but back of the hairline it looks the same as how it was before the hair transplant procedure. What it could be?

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Hair growth

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I tell patients to wait 4-6 months to see the hair growth start and by the 8th month they should see 80% of the growth. Be patient

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair is not growing

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Nothing wrong with that . Your hair is growing nad will be better in 4-5 mo. This  job is very good and you have not get result yet .. But eventually you will see that grfats implanted to your rear areas will not change the preoperative appearance...ıf you looking and expecting  for a normal native hair density you will not get it ...

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Hair transplant - how long does it take to see results?

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It takes most individuals about 10-12 months to see final results. To determine the success of your surgery, you need to wait.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

Patience is a virtue. Keep calm and let it grow

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Hello,I can tell you and we all agree that the hardest part of a hair transplant comes after the procedure is done. We constantly look at the mirror trying to find the results or changes and it sometimes affect us deeply. 
I can tell you that your hair results are at aprox. just 50%. Just give it some more time and patience will reward you with the great results you are expecting.Patience is a virtue. Keep calm and let it grow!
I wish you the best of lucks!

Give it a little more time

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No need to worry. You should start to see hair growth between 6-9 months, and this will continue on from there. So as of right now, I would say to just be patient. I hope this helps.

Hair growth after hair transplant

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it takes a while for the hair to grow in after hair transplant. Usually it starts after four months and continues for up to 18 months, so you need to be patient. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon
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4 Month Growth

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Plenty of people don't begin to see growth start happening until around 6 months, but occasionally it takes even longer. You have a month or two to wait before you should start worrying about it. Its just a matter of waiting it out and then going from there.

Sean Behnam, MD
Santa Monica Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair is not growing, please advise?

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To obtain alive hair follicles implanted in higher rates, the latest technique being used is not the only manner, it is also affected by compliance of implantation area that we found a better way to improve as a result of our researches, The Organic Hair Transplantation. By this new and unique Organic Hair Transplantation Technique, before the extraction and implantation processes; we regenerate the implantation area with injection of stem cell enriched fat tissue. Regeneration of cells in target area before FUE transplantation with the support of stromal stem cells results in higher rate of alive thicker hair follicles

It can take 6 to 12 months after surgery to see results. If you are concerned it is best to contact your doctor

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It can take 6 to 12 months after surgery to see results.  If you are concerned it is best to contact your doctor

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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