Can anyone give me thorough feedback on the results etc of SafeLipo?

I am getting safelipo done on my knees, thights, hips along with my tummy tuck that also include some lipo. Does safelipo have better results than normal liposuction?

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SAFE lipo results

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I LOVE SAFE lipo.  SAFE lipo is a concept, not a technology.    Yes, it requires power assisted liposuction and specialized cannulas but these are relatively commonplace in most plastic surgeons practices.   The concept is that mechanical separation of the structural fatty framework and architecture before and after removing the fat leaves a smoother result than suction alone or fat injury followed by liposuction.   As in all cases of liposuction, the results have everything to do with the skill of the surgeon.  I have seen better, smoother, safer results while removing more fat in the past 4 years since I have adopted the techniques than in over 1500 liposuction procedures in the 10 years prior.    This will likely never become a hot, marketable procedure as there is nothing that a device company can market and sell.  Best news possible for the patient as the costs will not be elevated to pay for technology.  

Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon
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SAFELipo vs other types of liposuction

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I have tried multiple types of liposuction and technologies. After my experience, it became clear that SAFELipo offered the best results in my hands. SAFELipo does not rely on a technology. It is a surgical technique and relies on surgeon skill. The liposuction laser and ultrasound technologies are highly effective at marketing and attracting customers, but I believe are associated with higher rates of problems compared with SAFELipo. Recent published data has shown higher rates of deformities associated with other types of liposuction compared wit SAFELipo.

Jeffrey Claiborne, MD
Nashville Physician


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Hello and thank you for your question.

SAFELipo is a fantastic approach to liposuction. This is the way that I perform liposuction. It truly enhances the results for the patient and is a very safe technique. Using this type of liposuction, plastic surgeons are able to remove significant quantities of fat while diminishing blood loss. 

Also, this technique allows the surgeon to decrease the most dreaded complication from liposuction which are contour deformities. Surgeons that do not use that this technique can have an increased chance of irregularities that are left after they perform liposuction.

I am happy that you found a plastic surgeon who uses SAFELipo techniques.

Hope this helps answer your question. All the best!

Alex Zuriarrain, MD, Plastic Surgery

Alex Zuriarrain, MD
Miami General Surgeon
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SAFE Liposuction

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I have been performing SAFE Liposuction for several years.  In my hands the results have far exceeded what I could accomplish with traditional liposuction techniques. 

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