Finasteride and depression.

I have been taking Finasteride for 52 days now 5MG, cut it into 4 pieces, but since day one of taking finasteride i have been experiencing depression which is still the problem until now, Any advise?

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Depression and Finasteride

The link between the two is not established. See your prescribing doctor or family doctor for advice.

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Finasteride and depression. Mundhir South Africa, ZA 1 day ago

Yes it can. In my opinion stop the finasteride if you believe it to be causing your depression. Th depression should resolve over time. If necessary consult your family physician who can help you decide how to deal with the depression. If you are suicidal depressed seek immediate medical help. Please do not hesitate to get medical attention.

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Finasteride and Depression

Finasteride can cause mood changes. I would advise seeing your prescriber to see if there is a link in your case or not. Most of my patients who experience mood changes take a few weeks to months to feel any changes. Mood changes on day 1 is not typical.

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