My face is destroyed, I've lost all confidence in myself. (photos)

Hey, I am a darkskinned , 26 year old mother & wife who was glassed in the face 13 November 2016. My nose was fractured and the skin between my eyes on my nose was cut, as well as my upper lip. I had surgery to correct my nasal fracture and stitch the skin up on my nose. Which resulted in a horrid scar that has left me self conscious - a doctor I see recently said there's nothing he can do to help me remove it. I'm so hurt!

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Facial Scar

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Hi Scar27,

I assume that the year you had the injury is 2015 (or earlier, and not 2016), but just basing from the photos, your scar has 3 basic components, the area of indentation, the area of keloid or raised scar, and the hyperpigmentation. A serial scar surgery my improve these area but this cannot be guaranteed since the skin on this area is too tight.

A lesser invasive approach with a combination of filler injection or fat transfer to the depressed area with laser skin resurfacing around it; pigment laser for the hyperpigmented area; and possible steroid injection for the raised area, may also work, but it is also not a one time procedure.

Thailand Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal scar revision

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Most scars can be revised but not all.   I think it is likely worth a revision to make this scar subside.   Igt cannot be made to go away but can be much better.   See three plastic surgeons for consultation and then decide.   My Best,  Dr Commons

Correction of dark hyperpigmented skin scar of nose.

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Correction of dark hyperpigmented skin scar of nose.  I need to see close-up pictures of this area and information as to how old the injury is. This area probably can be really improved by serial excision of the scar so that no new lines are created. See a very experienced rhinoplasty  surgeon who can discuss in detail after examining your nose how best to repair this. I would try not to add any additional lines to the face. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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