Will my breasts go back to their normal size after pregnancy?

I am 24 years of Age and I am planning to have a breast reduction done. I am a 38D and do not have any kids. I would love to go from being a 38D to a 34B cup. I am however planning to have my first baby at age 28 and would love to know if my breasts will go back to their initial size?

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Breast Reduction Best Before or After a Pregnancy?

Thank you for the questions and congratulations on your decision to undergo #breastreduction. Many women that experience complications related to excessive breast size, struggle with the same questions. 

If you're thinking about having your breasts reduced but want to be able to #breastfeed your baby, you may want to consider postponing surgery until after you've weaned your last child. A large majority of women can breastfeed after breast reduction surgery, but may experience decreased milk production. 

The other thing to consider is that pregnancy and lactation can change the size and shape of your breasts. During pregnancy, the volume of the breasts generally increases as you gain weight. Typically, this reduces after delivery or when the baby is weaned. There are some women though that this is not the case. Some women complain of larger breasts and many complain of "droopy" breasts. However, breast tissue in adult women once removed will not grow back. 

Ultimately, the decision is yours. If you are far too uncomfortable now, you may want to consider surgery sooner than later. The best advise I can give you is to schedule a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon who will be qualified to evaluate your current breast shape and volume. They will also be able to explain all of your options. Good luck!

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Breast Size after pregnancy

Thank you for your question.The simple answer is we do not know.  Breast size after pregnancy is variable.  The typical mother will be a bit heavier following pregnancy and as we age there is a tendency to put on some weight.  This weight gain can result in more breast tissue but this is influenced by genetic factors and body fat distribution.  In mothers that successfully get back to their pre pregnancy weight or lower weight the breast tissue will likely be somewhat stretched and more ptotic (sag) following pregnancy and have some loss in volume.I recommend, to my patients, waiting until after child bearing and breast feeding to undergo breast reduction if possible.  However if symptoms such as back and neck pain are debilitating then it would be worth it to go ahead with breast reduction and possibly have a revision following child bearing.Best Dr. L

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Will my breasts go back to their normal size after pregnancy?

Thank you for the question.  There is no way of knowing exactly how a woman's breasts will change over time and/or with pregnancy. Much of the changes that do occur will depend on factors such as genetics, weight gain/loss, skin elasticity changes...
 Generally speaking, breast reduction surgery is one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform. By removing “excess” breast tissue, adipose tissue, and breast skin  this operation reduces and lifts the breasts to a higher position on the chest wall. By doing so, patients often find improvement in neck, back, and shoulder discomfort and find it easier to form their activities of daily living and exercise.

Timing of the operation will depend on the patient's life circumstances. In general, it is best to do this procedure ( like all other elective body contouring the stages,  when patients have reached their long-term stable weights.  In doing so, improve the safety of the procedure and minimizes the need for further surgery ( in the event of weight gain/loss after the breast reduction procedure).

There are patients who present with “juvenile” breast hypertrophy will benefit from breast reduction surgery ( for both physical and psychosocial reasons) at an early age ( even as teenagers). Patients should consider  carefully the pros and cons of the procedure as well as the potential need for further surgery if the breasts “regrow” in size.

If at all possible, it is best to wait until after completing pregnancies before undergoing breast reduction surgery. Again, doing so will minimize the chances that patients will require further surgery after pregnancy related breast changes.

On the other hand, it can be argued that,  patients with breast hypertrophy benefit from breast reduction surgery prior to pregnancy ( to prevent the symptoms that may occur as the breasts grow even larger during and after pregnancy/breast-feeding).  However, in the interests of avoiding additional surgery,  I feel that it is in most patients best interest,  to wait until pregnancies have been completed and a long-term stable weight has been reestablished. I hope this helps.     

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