Breast augmentation done 25 September 2015. The "height" and pain in one breast reported.

Breast augmentations 25September 2015. Day 6, the drains removed. After 4 months and various visits to surgeon, complaining of hardness, pain and hight one breast, I was told it is a muscle spasm, and it will relax with time. No examination by surgeon. My general practitioner sent me for a sonar. A hematoom or seroma diagnosed. At certain times the breast is much harder than other times, why? Why was fluid not absorbed by body? Second opinion want to operate, correct pocket,re-use implant, good?

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I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. At four months, this is not a muscle spasm. Your second opinion sounds like a valid course of action. This can only be corrected surgically.
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Second opinion want to operate, correct pocket,re-use implant, good?

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Hi there,
I agree with the second opinion want to operate, correct pocket,re-use implant, good.You have had a seroma or haematoma that is the cause for your trouble and some one is ready to fix it - just do it.
Good luck


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Without seeing you, my best guess is that fluid and/ or blood that was no resorbed after your breast aug has led to capsular contracture on that side. There are non-invasive ways of correcting this such as therapeutic ultrasound, Accolate (pill)  or acoustic sound wave therapy that have been tried to alleviate this problem. Should none of those entities work, an operative approach to either incise into or excise part of the capsule would be more therapeutic. You may want to seek the opinion of another plastic surgeon. Good luck. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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Height and Pain in Breast

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I'm sorry to hear about this problem with your breast augmentation. After 4 months, this is clearly not a muscle spasm. You have likely developed a capsular contracture and/or an organized hematoma due to the presence of blood around the healing implant. This will probably need to be addressed surgically. I would discuss this with your surgeon and, if necessary, seek a second opinion.

Robert J. Schwartz, MD
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