6 months after: should I request a correction? (photos)

I had lasik done on both eyes about 6months back. Please see my script before & after in the attached pictures. Letters from 6/9 are still a blurry, my left eye more so. My binocular vision is much clearer than viewed from either eye seperately. Is it advisable to have them corrected further, if not maybe just my left eye? Or should I just be happy that I see a whole lot better than before lasik, even though I know I had clearer vision with my contact lenses previously?

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6 months after: should I request a correction? (photos)

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You have a slight astigmatism in your left eye and slight farsightedness in the right eye that's causing the blur. If you're currently happy with your binocular vision then I would advise not doing surgery, however, if you feel the prescription in your eye is causing significant blur then you should reach out to your surgeon regarding a touch-up procedure to enhance your vision.

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