2 weeks post Breast Augmentation. Does this look like my stitches have split, and should I worry? (Photo)

I had my breast augmentation 2 weeks ago and all was going well until i had to change my steri-strips and realized that i might have split my stitches. The incisions themselves are not painful and aren't bleeding or oozing. Do i need to worry about them? Both breasts have this. Also, the rest of the incision looks great and thin, will the area where they have split (if they have split) leave an ugly scar?

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Breast augmentation stitches

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Dear Jazzyjayd,

I think there is nothing to get worried with the view of this picture.. The quality of the photo is not so good but it doesn't look like a split at stitches.. Perhaps it can be a small reaction of the body wound healing to the stitches inside.. If there is no fluid or bleeding from the wound nothing to get worried.. 

I can advice you to keep on your steri-strips and take care of your movements.. Congragulations to your doctor.. 

Dr. Hakan GENCE
Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon

Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Incision after breast augmentation

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The incision looks fine from the pic, but the lighting is not ideal. I doubt that you have caused any problems but it makes most sense to run this by your surgeon.

Incision appearance early on

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If your are not having any oozing or bleeding it is doubtful that your incision has split open.  From the photographs it appears to be fine, but it is best if you check with your plastic surgeon.

2 weeks post Breast Augmentation. Does this look like my stitches have split, and should I worry?

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I cannot tell if the wound is open from the photo. It is most important that you see your surgeon and do not rely on interbnet advice by physicians who have not examined you.

Split stitches

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 From the photograph, I cannot see that the wound has fallen apart or split as you said. It is not uncommon that parts of the scar may heal a little more slowly than others. Check back with your chosen plastic surgeons at your next visit for advice on wound care. Congratulations on your surgery.

BA incision

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Thanks for your question. No, I don't think it looks like the incision has separated judging from the photo and your description. Sometimes there are portions of a scar that will react a bit differently than the rest. As your surgeon for recommendations on scar care, and it wouldn't hurt to have him/her take a look at it for you. Best wishes.

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