Will my boobs look normal? (photo)

I'm only 10 days po so I know its still early days but when I look at myself its very hard to imagine the results I expect from what I see before me, I feel as though I've been butchered! Please help!

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Will my boobs look normal?

A posted before allows us to compare!!! But YES I think you have a real concern..// Seek IN PERSON second opinions..

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Early breast lift results

Its very difficult to say at this point if you are going to be completely satisfied with your end results. Most results at 10 days do look a bit better. That being said, I am confident that your results will look much better with time. And there really is not much to do until things have healed for at least a few more months. Be patient and keep your spirits up. Things will look better in time. You may need a revision to get the results you were expecting, but you may not.

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