Will my boobs look normal? (photo)

I'm only 10 days po so I know its still early days but when I look at myself its very hard to imagine the results I expect from what I see before me, I feel as though I've been butchered! Please help!

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Will my boobs look normal?

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A posted before allows us to compare!!! But YES I think you have a real concern..// Seek IN PERSON second opinions..

Early breast lift results

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Its very difficult to say at this point if you are going to be completely satisfied with your end results. Most results at 10 days do look a bit better. That being said, I am confident that your results will look much better with time. And there really is not much to do until things have healed for at least a few more months. Be patient and keep your spirits up. Things will look better in time. You may need a revision to get the results you were expecting, but you may not.

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