2 weeks Post op, but can now feel the silicone through the scar, Is the silicone implant coming out of the pocket?

I had my BA 2 weeks ago done 360cc moderate profile under muscle. Before surgery I weigh 58kg I'm 172cm tall. I was a 32AA cup size. 5 days ago I felt a lump by my scar which felt like my silicone because its soft and I can push the bump upward. My ps said I tore a inner stitch, he said it might recover or he might have to re-stitch it. Can I do something so that the pocket can heal without going for surgery "strap" or "lift" my breast so that the "bump" of the silicone stays inside the pocket?

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Implant issue

Without an exam to feel the breasts and to  know exactly what was done for you, it is difficult to say what the bump is.

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Lump two weeks after breast augmentation

It is difficult to make the diagnosis based on your description, but at only two weeks following surgery it is likely part of the healing process.  You should see your surgeon to confirm.  Good luck.

David Stoker, MD
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