My Dr extracted about 1.2lt of abdominal fat, that was digested/ processed it was reduced to approx 400cc. Is this a normal amou

In my procedure for AFT to breasts, my Dr extracted about 1.2lt of fat from my abdomen, after the fat was digested/ processed it was reduced to approx 400cc. Is this a normal amount of reduction? I am concerned as I was done under local and I heard the Dr say to his assistant that it may have been over digested/processed ( can not remember the term used) . Could that effect the viability of the AFT Thank you

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Breast fat grafting with 400 cc of processed fat.

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Please discuss this with your surgeon.

400 cc of processed fat, that is 200 cc per side, is a reasonable amount to inject for breast fat grafting.  There are many variables that determine the appropriate amount.  In my practice we generally inject more than 200 cc per breast when fat is available.

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Injectable Fat Volume from Liposuction Harvest

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In my experience the typical injectable fat concentration obtained from liposuction aspirates is around 30% to 40% in most cases. Doctors use different processing technologies (centrifuge, filter and wash etc) but it is rare to end up with more than a 50% volume concentrate from the aspirate. When trying to help a patient decide whether they have enough fat to make any larger autogenous fat transfer procedure worthwhile for the breasts or buttocks, I use a 1/3 fat concentrate obtained rule in my consultation of what I envision the liposuction aspiration volume to be.

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