Sour Smell from TT Incision with Drainage 5 Weeks Post Op is This Infection?

I had my last drain come out accidentally at 3 weeks post op tummy tuck/ incisional hernia repair while it was stil draining 75 cc in 24 hour period, it began draing from a small hole in my incision and my doctor had me start packing this twice daily, I have been packing it with a very sterile field for a week now and just noticed a sour smell on my bandages and from the incision site, is this infection? Drainage color is yellow tinged .

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Sour Smell from TT incision?

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It sound like you need to see your doctor ASAP to have that wound looked at and evaluated for a possible infection. Continue to follow your doctors advice and please follow up with him, good luck.

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Incision healing

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I'm concerned about the "sour smell" you describe.   Please see your plastic surgeon for an evaluation to make sure you do not have an infection or other issue with your tummy tuck.

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