Does This Sound Right? Bulging Tummy After Tummy Tuck?

I had 2 babies, never heavy just little weight change year to year. I had skin on lower ab. had surgery 3 mths ago. People come out with super flat abs why am I not one of them? I have a bulge just above my belly button down to mons. I look like I am 5 mths pregnant! I have dropped 13 lbs since surgery and work out EVERY day. Why have my measurement not changed? If it were swelling wouldn't it come and go? I look the same just tighter skin! BTW had full tt, MR, and lipo (400 cc) on flanks

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Look the same after tummy tuck? Doesn't sound right.

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Of course tighter skin and improved contour after tummy tuck is the goal of the procedure; if you were a good candidate. We can't tell from what you have given us, though you have very many concerns to take up with your surgeon. Hope that your expectations were in line with what result was possible.

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Bulging after tummy tuck

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Photos would be helpful but I will comment that, if you have lost 13 lbs postop, it could affect the outcome of the operation. You also need to give your abdomen more time to heal as it can take several more months to see the final result. Finally, continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and share your concerns.

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