Does this sound like Noular Melanoma?

I had a small pinkish brown spot on my back (I get acne a lot on my back) I scratched it and it swelled up a bit went to my GP and she gave me acne cream. I took it and it went down then I didn't take it for awhile and it's still there. I just started taking the cream again but it's still there. It's small about the size of a pin head and dark pink or pinkish brown and barely raised. Does it sound like a pimple or Nodular Melanoma?? I'm very scared

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If it's the size of a pin then the

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likelihood of a nodular melanoma is quite remote...almost always a tiny spot like that is just a resolving inflammatory lesion...probably be gone in several weeks if you keep your hands off...if not, then see your doctor

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Pimple or nodular melanoma

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This could be a variety of things, including an irritated SK, AK, or mole. You should not use the cream but see a dermatologist for a proper exam and assessment, and if needed a biopsy. Acne and melanoma are NOT the only choices here so you need to see an expert in-person for proper diagnosis.

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