Can Invisalign cause rotted teeth due to no saliva for 3+ yrs, heavy teeth shaving and metal bar left behind closed gap? (Photo)

I had Invisalign for 3 years to close a gap btw my 2 front the teeth. they filed my teeth to fit the trays and filed off quite a bit. I think it's the doctors fault. Hey also left a metal bar behind the 2 teeth to keep the gap closed. It rotted the 2 front teeth from the back and I spent $6000 cash to close a gap and they are ruined . I know have to get them all pulled and implants put in on the 5 front teeth. It's horrible! Please help!!!

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Teeth rotted after #Invsisalign .... #DrSarahThompson

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I'm sorry your teeth look so bad, but I would hope that you don't have to get 5 teeth pulled.  It may very well be the case, but I would recommend getting another opinion on whether the teeth need to be pulled or not.  This is one of the reasons that I recommend veneers for patients looking to close a gap, since braces and Invisalign require a lifelong retainer that is not very hygienic.  If you would like for me to review your xrays and see if your teeth can be saved and crowned with all porcelain crowns, you are free to send your xrays to me via email or snail mail and I'll take a look.  I hope this helps and click save under my name to ask me more questions in the future.   

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