How Much Sotradecol in the Body is Safe?

I have numerous very visible blue veins on chest, arms, hips, legs. My sclerotherapist said these can all be treated in one day. What are the potential side effects from having this much sodium tetradecyl sulfate in my system at once? Are any effects dangerous? I am especially interested in if it could cause hair thinning or shedding also as I've been battling this due to what I'm assuming was anesthisia from a recent surgery. Thank you for any answers!

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Sclerotheapy is a process.

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Sclerotherapy is a process that is usually performed over time.  If you have only a few veins then all can be treatred at one time.  However, if you have many veins as you describe more than one treatment may be necessary.  All medications have side effects and the greater the volume used, the greater the risk of a side effect. The volume that can be used depends on the concentration used and whether it is used as a liquid or a form. Tetra decyl is not associated with hair thinning or loss.

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Sotradecol® is the only FDA-approved, commercially available sodium tetradecyl sulfate injection in the United States

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Sotradecol® is the only FDA-approved, commercially available sodium tetradecyl sulfate injection in the United States. I use it on more than 5 patients a day and recommend a staged approach and to not have everything done in one day unless there are a few veins in one area and another. The down side of having many sessions is that the product is very expensive and there is a cost for coming in for many sessions. But, safety is paramaount and the volume AND concentration used is of very important consideration when fully trained professionals do sclerotherapy.

Sotradecol Injections....

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The package insert states "the maximum single treatment should not exceed 10ml".  I would recommend not having all those areas injected in one visit.  Potenial side effects are but not limited to: bruising, swelling, ulcerations, hemosideranstaining, embolisms, etc. 

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How much sotradecol in the body is safe

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No, you cannot and should not treat all of those areas in one day, especially if you say you have "numerous" veins in all of those areas. Personally I use a different solution for my injections (polidocanol) and find it to be less painful and more effective, but I still don't recommend people do too much.

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