Sorprano or Nd:Yag for Type IV Light Pakistani Skin and Black Hair?

I'm debating on whether to go with the Sorprano (which claims to be virtually pain-free) at a local spa, or go with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who uses Nd:Yag and has had no experience of permenant side-effects with someone of my skin-colouring.

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Laser Hair Removal for Ethnic Skin

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Laser Hair Removal for Ethnic skin is not to be taken lightly. Post-treatment hyperpigmentation can persist for long time. Therefore, laser hair removal for ethnic skin should only be done under supervision of a board-certified dermatologist so that adverse effects of laser procedure can be averted and/or to be treated appropriately. Soprano and Lumenis Lightsheer lasers are based on Diode laser which is an okay laser wavelength for ethnic skin but not the safest. Elite MPX is the safest Nd:Yag laser hair removal for ethnic skin. Nevertheless, ice compress should be applied right after any laser procedure for ethnic skin to minimize post-treatment hyperpigmentation (PIH).

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