Soreness & Bump Developed on Stitches After Wearing an Underwire Bra After Breast Augmentation?

I went and saw my Dr. yesterday for a check-up on how my breast augmentation surgery went, a week ago. I asked if it was alright to wear regular bras now and he said it should be okay. I wore a bra with underwire for about 5 hours or less yesterday and it started to cause me alot of pain and irritation on the stitching. Now, this morning I am worried that it has affected the later scarring or the stitches because there is a little bump on the stitching. Should I be worried?

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Don't let an underwire brought traumatize incision after breast augmentation.

And underwire bra is permissible after breast augmentation provided it does not irritate the incision. The patient needs to be attentive to this.

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Scars can be lumpy

from sutures that are buried under the skin and that will dissolve.  If the wire isn't irritating the scar, it should be fine.  If it is, find another style that you can wear comfortably.  It should get better with time.

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Soreness & Bump Developed on Stitches After Wearing an Underwire Bra After Breast Augmentation?

Dear Morgano,

Thank you for your question.  As to the bump causing a problem, it is impossible to know without seeing it.  Follow up with your plastic surgeon for this.  As to wear of underwire bras after surgery, you will get a variety of answers on this depending on which plastic surgeon you ask.  I like my patients to wear underwire bras after breast augmentation as long as the incisions are protected.  Bring the bra with you to your follow up appointment so your plastic surgeon can examine the fit of the bra, and possibly protect your incision with surgical tape.

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

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