Soreness and Scars 3 1/2 Months Post-op Labiaplasty? (photo)

I have, what looks like, "bubbles" along some of the incision lines. They are painful and become sore when touched. I've started massaging it in hopes of breaking down the tissue, but I become sore for the next 2 days when I do. The soreness will go away and I feel fine for about a week...then I begin feeling sore again. I was told these "bumps" or "bubbles" are scar tissue that just needs to be massaged out. I've also read that it takes 6-18 months for true healing

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Post op scarring

It is perfectly normal to have lumps and bumps of scar tissue just three months post-op after a labiaplasty.  I do agree that it is reasonable to massage the scar tissue and that the appearance will improve with time.  Best of luck.

Post-Labiaplasty Scarring

From your photographs, it appears that you had the free edge of the labia amputated as opposed to a wedge resection.  More than likely the bubbles are from dissolving suture that was left in for quite a while, so I believe these are in fact some level of scar tissue.  There are several ways of dealing with and curing these bubbles.  If your surgeon is unwilling to give you an alternative, I would seek a second opinion from a board-certified plastic surgeon.  One suggestion to get rid of these bubbles might be to simply numb and shave them off, but speak to your surgeon and see what they think.  Mucosa such as this heals very quickly so I think comments about 6-18 months are a bit overdone.  I think you should be completely healed normally in less than 3 months. 


The portion of the labia minora that goes up to the hood of the clitorus sticks out too far and looks unusual.  Again, this could be easily made to look more natural and less disconnected on a revision surgery done by a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in this area.

Soreness and scars post labiaplasty

It looks as though you have some irregularity in the scars from your labiaplasty.  It is also possible that you may have a cyst in the scar line that may have developed during healing and this may be responsible for the symptoms that you are experiencing.  While it may be true that healing may take up to 12 months, it would be prudent to have your surgeon evaluate the scars to see if there is something that can be done at this point in your recovery other than massage.

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