Sore Incision After Tumescent Liposution on Chin

How long of an incision is usually made for Tumescent Liposuction? What is the two hard sore knots under my chin? Will they go away? Do patients usually feel the procedure?

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Tumescent Chin Liposuction Questions

Normally the incision for liposuction under the chin is about a centimeter wide at most. This is made to accommodate the liposuction cannulas that are used to remove the excess fat. The hard knots you describe could represent the sutures or stitches that were placed under the skin while closing the incision. In most cases, the knots will slowly resolve with time. With tumescent anesthesia, you will likely feel some pulling and pressure, but pain should be well controlled if the tumescent anesthesia was done properly.

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Sore incision after tumescent liposuction of the chin

After liposuction of the chin, it is possible to have swelling and soreness in this region. In our practice, we informed the patients that the most important step they can take to ensure a successful result is to use their compression garment full-time for two weeks and then in the afternoons and evenings for an additional four weeks. This area of the skin can swell significantly after a liposuction. If it swells excessively, the skin does not stick smoothly to the underlying muscle and this will cause irregularities and depressions.

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Recovery after neck or chin liposuction

Recovery after chin or neck liposuction is quick, usually within several days. Sometimes the two incisions may take a few days to epithelialize and heal. Bruising is minimized with BruiseStick ointment or BruisePak pills with Arnica.


I have used pulsed dye laser to soften these scars in the past with much success.

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Tumescent Liposuction

The scar should be no bigger than 1cm. Generally patients do not feel the procedure, however if it is done under local anesthesia only, there can be some discomfort during the procedure.

The sore knots under the chin are likely sutures which should be removed if they are non dissolvable. It can be neuromas as well (scar tissue around some nerves) in which case injection of a steroid (kenalog) will help.


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The incision has to be only large enough to admit the cannulas used for the procedure and they tend to be quite small.  The "knots" you describe could be some buried, absorbable sutures or perhaps some small areas of  fat necrosis.  Both should resolve over time.

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