Sore breast after 1 year 4 months?

I have had ba post 1 year & 4 months my left breast has become tender, nipple quite numb and breast is a little warmer than normal.....I'm worriyed !!!! It's aches too

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You need to see your PS ASAP.  They need to rule out a latent infection or other problem such as a contracture.


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You should see your surgeon (promptly)!

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This sounds as if you might have infection, or possibly capsular contracture. Delayed infection can result from something as innocuous as dental bacteria coinciding with minor trauma (bump, bruise, or sports clonk to the breast, for example), allowing the bacteria to enter the space around your implant.

Capsular contracture can also cause these symptoms, and can also be caused by bacteria or bleeding, but this is something your plastic surgeon needs to evaluate. There may be non-surgical options in the form of Singulair or Accolate leukotriene inhibitors, but re-operation may also be in the cards. Hard to tell by description alone, which is why it is important to be seen by your surgeon. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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