Whats the Soonest You'd Advise Me to Take an 11 Hour Flight After BBL?

I am flying from San Diego to UK after my BBL

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Brazilian butt lift and traveling

I recommend my patients to stay at least a week after surgery in a local hotel for various reasons. Removing the large amount of fat that is required to augment and shape your behind may have some problems with fluid retention, blood clots, and orthostatic hypotension (blood pressure drop when you stand up. In addition, although pain control is not typically an issue, it is extremely necessary for the patient to be comfortable. The patient should stay overnight with a nurse to make sure that there are no health issues in the critical first 24 hrs.  In addition, you will have drained on your lower back, which will be removed within 7 days.

There have been reports of patients that have not had any surgery but have developed a clot while traveling due to prolong sitting and immobility.  Although rarely, there is a slight risk for patients who have undergone surgery of having this type of problem.

I recommend you to do the following when traveling a week after the surgery:

1. Go to the restroom a few times and stretch your legs. Move, move, and move! Don’t fall asleep during the whole flight.

2. Use a cigar-shape pillow under your thighs to avoid direct pressure on your buttocks.

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Long flight after surgery

After major surgery you need 6 weeks before you can go with a long travel. You are hypercoaguable during the inflamatory phase (healing).

Samir Shureih, MD
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