Is It Too Soon to Judge Results from Thermage?

I had Thermage done on my belly area around four months ago. The first day after having it done, I noticed some improvement but now after almost four months, I see no change or improvement.

I know its 4 months and I should wait 6, but is a change going to be visible in 2 months more? Is it possible that it takes longer than 6 months?

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Thermage results

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From a true standpoint, final thermage results do take approximately 6 months to see. Thermage creates a "controlled injury" to the deep tissues and this produces collagen deposition.

As in all healing, swelling, collagen deposition, collagen maturation and inflammation all resolve from 6months to two years.

However, from a practical standpoint in our own practice, the differences that you will see in thermage are usually maximized in 6-12 weeks following the procedure. Any gains or benefits after that point will be quite minor.

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