I Am So Depressed Because My Smile Has Not Returned After Rhinoplasty?

it has been 17 days since my nose surgery and i am extreamly worried my gorgeous smile has not returned, how long will it take for my smile to return...

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The return of your beautiful smile is up to you, but the usual time for rhinoplastic healing is about twelve months with improvements seen weekly!

Smiling after a nose job

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Please do not worry! You are only 17-days after surgery - I tell my patients it can take up to 6-weeks before their smile returns to normal, especially if they have had work done to release the muscle that can move the tip of the nose down in some people. 

Talk to your surgeon, and I'm sure they will reassure you too.


Smile change after rhinoplasty

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I think it is too early to start worrying about this. There is always a certain degree of upper lip changes related to post-operative swelling, change of tip position, possible use of tip grafts, etc. These changes usually revert back to normal after initial healing took place. How long this will take would depend on your nasal anatomy and on what degree of change was done to the tip of the nose. I advise you to be patent at this point and allow enough time to heal before you start worrying.


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