Pigment loss due to radiation

I had a basil cell on my nose. Rather than have it cut out and a skin graft I chose radiation because I didn't want a disfigured nose. My nose isn't disfigured but due to the radiation, causing scar tissue I have no color on the side of my nose, causing me to have to use a cosmetic spot stick to hide the white area. Is there anything that can be done to improve the color? I do not want a skin graft. Someone mentioned permanent cosmetic done in that area but that concerns me of ending up looking worse.

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Pigment loss

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How long has it been since the completion of your radiation therapy?  I ask because pigmentary changes can evolve for several months after treatment, and you may need to give the skin more time to heal.  If your pigment loss is permanent, your treatment options are cover-up make-up or medical tattooing.  Research an experienced tattoo artist with lots of scar camouflage tattoo experience, to get a better feel for your treatment options.  Good luck!

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