Why do I have pain on one of my teeth that had a crown put on?

I had a broken molar that for the past two years my dentist wanted to Crown. I had no pain no sensitivity could chew with no issues and then my dentist finally convinced me to put the crown on and after that I have not been able to chew on that side due to sensitivity. It has been a month and I have been back to see him twice and each time he grinds down the crown. He sends me away saying it's normal but I don't understand how it can be normal when there was no pain whatsoever before procedure.

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Pain on teeth

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Without an X-ray I can't determine exactly but from what you say, it seems like maybe the drilling of the tooth when preparing it for the crown might have affected the nerve, and also some high contact point the you doctor tried removing. Many times people get root canals done on the teeth before preparing for crown, when indicated. Maybe you should go back to your dentist and let him know, so he will consider doing the root canal or figuring out another explanation as to why it keeps hurting.

Dominican Republic Dentist

Dental pain after crown

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dental pain after a crown is common.    Your sensitivity should only last 1 to 2 weeks. With reviewing your dental history and the tooth being broken the nerve to your tooth was already damaged or irritated prior to the crown .     Although your dentist was trying to be conservative by not performing a root canal before the crown,  it does seem like you will need a root canal by your present history. Root canal procedures are very common and easy make sure you see an endodontist for the procedure if it is a new crown you should ask your dentist route to replace it  with a new crown free of charge .   Your dentist should have anticipated a broken tooth potentially needing a root canal and should've planned accordingly or at least inform you of such

Richard Sprague, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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