Somnowell Retainers Recommended?

I will be getting retainers and have done some research. New to the market is Somnowell retainers. I would be interested in these because I do not like the idea of sleeping with plastic or acrylic, but is chrome cobalt alloy safe? They will last a life time (until something new comes on the market) and can be boiled, which I really like. Also, I cannot find any pictures of how they look. Can anyone help please?

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All Metal Sleep Breathing Appliance

You mention 'retainers' - this device is made to advance the lower jaw to open the airway for breathing disorders like snoring and sleep apnea.  It's not a retainer to hold the teeth in place after orthodontic treatment.

Your dentist can have her/his laboratory fabricate an all-metal retainer if that is what you are looking for - no reason to advance the lower jaw if you don't need that.

I can't find anywhere on the website if FDA has cleared the Somnowell for sale in the US.

The mechanism to advance the mandible is well-proven.  Having a metal framework will give it the durability you seek, as long as the teeth are stable - plastic can be adjusted where metal usually cannot.  Chrome cobalt is safe except for those with nickle allergies. Plastic can be kept fresh using UV sanitizers.

Hope this helps!

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