How Can I Get at Least Somewhat Straight Nose That Doesnt Look That Bad? (photo)

I had a crooked nose and i had a surgery 10 years ago, it was somewhat good but bent again. Then i ha da surgery 1 and a half year ago that looked nice in the beginning and then slowly got crooked and now i had it for the 3rd time a month ago and now its more crooked than before.. Its all tilted on one side of the face is looking very weird.. What s causing it. an someone please identify the reason and also give a solution whether this is fixable asap coz i am really loosing my confidence.

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Wait Until Twelve Months Post-Op

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Seems you would have had a better result stopping after the second surgery and not going forth with the third.  From observing the photo, perhaps the septum is being over-corrected during each operation.  Also, the time you waited between surgeries and if you wore splints has not been included in your information.  At this time, my best advice would be to wait 12 months after this last surgery to see what the final result will be.  Contact the surgeon who did the last revision and follow up.  I'm sure they can best explain your situation and what is going on post-operation. "Dr. D"

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Options for Revision Rhinoplasty

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First of all, because you have had as many procedures as you describe, caution must be taken when performing any further rhinoplasty work.  I usually like, in cases such as yours, to use Goretex to help fill in the areas of depression that is creating the appearance of curvature, an approach that can realistically straighten out the nose by 70% or more in most cases.

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