Very Slight Hump Reduction Possible for Ethnic Nose?

I have somewhat a large hump on my nose, I want it reduced but only by a millimeter or less because i don't want it removed just a slight reduction so I can keep my ethnic feature is this possible to do where only a millimeter or less is shaved?

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It's possible, but may not be worth the time and money

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Technically, this is certainly possible surgically, and can even be done in a "closed" fashion (no scar on the skin, incision only inside the nose). But the question is how much does it really bother you, since rasping the hump down just a millimeter or so will result in a very subtle difference, and may not be worth the time, money, and recovery.

I would think over it carefully, and discuss your options with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area.

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It's not worth the cost and the risk

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To shave 1 mm off the dorsum will be more expensive than it is worth.   Remember that all surgeries carry some risk and the result better be worth taking on that risk.  I personally wouldn't think the cost to you in dollars and potential risk would be worth the vey limited potential benefit.

Small hump for ethnic nose

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This is possible but it there are several technical nuances.

The "hump" is commonly formed from the meeting of 6 structures: the boney nasal bones and septum and the upper lateral cartilages and cartilaginous septum.

Very slight or subtle reductions can be accomplished with a rasp. More agressive reductions other than a "slight shave" may result in full thickness removal of the bone. This may produce and open roof. This is commonly treated by cutting the bones and moving them together to elimanate the open roof. Depending on how much reduction is required the proper procedure is performed.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Slight hump reduction is possible

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It is possible to shave only a small portion of the bump. This needs to be communicated directly to the surgeon who will perform the rhinoplasty. A 1-mm shave is not nearly enough to even see any difference and is not worth the effort. 1 mm is basically the thickness of a sheet of paper, and the before and after results will be basically identical. The surgery can be performed in such a manner that the bump could still be left intact, just much smaller than the existing bump.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes it is possible.

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 The bump can be filed 1 or 2 mm's under local anesthesia and usually at a reduced cost since it takes less time. The most important thing is to spend time BEFORE surgery talking with the surgeon about exactly what you want. Have him show you pictures of his work on patients like you, not computer imaging.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The Subtle Rhinoplasty...Slight Hump Removal in an Ethnic Nose

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Hi Yahoo,
It is possible to perform minimal hump removal in an ethnic nose. I find that computer imaging helps both my patients and me as a surgeon in being able to predict if the Subtle Rhinoplasty will fit the individual. The key to the computer imaging is creating a profile that the surgeon can realistically replicate in the operating room. The patient and surgeon must then be happy and satisfied with the predicted result.
The Subtle Rhinoplasty has become very popular in my practice. Patients have very little bruising or swelling, packing is usually unnecessary, and the results are most satisfying for both patient and surgeon.
There are many people like yourself who have thought about a subtle change in their nose for many years, but have not considered rhinoplasty because they have been petrified that they will have too much of a change, and ruin their appearance.
They don't want to look like "everyone else who has had a nose job"; they still want to look like themselves, just without the bump (of less of it). They want to look natural after surgery; they want a nose that looks like they were "born with", not like every other patient in the surgeon's waiting room. They don't want to have to re-introduce themselves when they bump into old friends after their surgery (as Jennifer Grey found herself doing).
With a conservative, Subtle Rhinoplasty the risks are low, and the benefits are high. It is always much easier to go back and remove more in the rare case than it is to go back and add tissue to a nose where too much has been removed.
Thanks for your excellent question.
The Subtle Rhinoplasty will become very popular in the future as patients such as you achieve their desired results in the hands of properly selected experienced surgeons. You are fortunate that there are many fine rhinoplastic surgeons in the Chicago area.
Choose your surgeon most carefully.
Good luck and be well.
Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hump Reduction with a filler

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Shaving 1 or 2 mm off a hump can certainly be accomplished. Even with small reductions, osteotomies (cutting and narrowing the nasal bones) may still be necessary in order to maintain the balance of the nose.

Sometimes, a 'virtual' hump reduction can be accomplished by filling in the area just above the hump which makes t appear less prominent.

In any case, a thorough examination and appropriate planning is of utmost importance. Just keep in mind that nothing is "really easy" when it comes to rhinoplasty.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sure, it's possible

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What you are asking for is called a finesse rhinoplasty where you're looking for small changes rather than dramatic differences. We are seeing this type of request more and more from ethnic patients seeking rhinoplasty.

Most ethnic rhinoplasty today is intended to balance your features and still preserve your ethnic identity....not create a completely different nose that doesn't fit your face. Many people share your desire not to remove a hump completely.

It is very possible to make the more subtle changes you desire. It's important to sit down with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to review some computer imaging and make sure that your goals can be achieved and are worth your effort and investment. You should make sure you are completely on the same page with your surgeon aesthetically before you proceed.

Good luck to you!

Jason Litner, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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