I've injured my nose twice and I want it smoothed out with no humps, like it was when I was born. What can do I?

the bone on the side of my feet stick out and gives me pain some days it is just earrittating i need it be smoothed out and on my nose i injured it 2 times need it all around smooth and no humps .bone smoothed out on the side of my feet and the humps on my nose smooth and straight thx this would be a life saver for me my name is alex and im 23 yrs old

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A rhinoplasty should smooth out your nose. Discuss your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon who is well experienced in rhinoplasty.

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I've injured my nose twice and I want it smoothed out with no humps, like it was when I was born. What can do I?

  Hump removal and bridge refinement are common rhinoplasty requests.  Find a rhinoplasty expert.

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Rhinoplasty for smoothing out the bridge line after nasal trauma

Trauma to the nose can create fractures of both the bone and the cartilage along the bridge line. It can also create irregularities across the bridge and the sidewalls. To remove any dorsal irregularities along the bridge,   they must be filed down. Osteotomies of the nasal bones are required to reset a nasal fracture. Cartilaginous spreader grafts harvested from inside the nose are required to support inwardly fractured concave upper lateral cartilages. For many examples, please see the link below

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Need to see a picture to give an opinion.

Many changes are possible with a rhinoplasty. Specific changes can only be recommended with good pictures and finally a physical examination.

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