I had laser tattoo removal 2 days ago on my upper arm which is healing nicely but under my arm has appeared bruising? (photo)

I had my first tattoo laser removal 2 days which went fine and the tattoo is healing nicely but tonight I noticed on the underside of my arm heavy bruising and mild swelling?

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Bruising after laser tattoo removal

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It is not typical to get bruising and swelling of the arm after laser tattoo treatment on the forearm. It's not likely related to the laser itself, but instead an effect of either arm positioning or manipulation during the treatment process. Best to touch base with the provider who did the treatment.

Skin color changes unknown etiology

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What you describe, and what is pictured in the photo, is generally not seen after tattoo removal. I would assume it is unrelated unless it was due to positioning of the arm during the laser procedure i.e. an indirect effect rather than a direct effect. Best to consult with your physician and laser provider for further advice.
Lisa Vuich, MD

Lisa Vuich, MD
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