Best Procedure for Lengthening the Nose Tip: Rib or Ear Graft?

Can those grafts last for a lifetime?

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Every surgical approach has pros and cons. When choosing between approaches you and your surgeon have to weigh these pros and cons to come to a mutual decision on how to proceed. For a variety of reasons different approaches are best applied to different patients. Without knowing all the details of the case no surgeon can know the pros and cons of a given approach.

The pros of using ear cartilage are it is easy to harvest, is associated with less pain and has an easy to hide scar. The cons are the amount of cartilage you can harvest is limited and the cartilage has a greater tendency to warp over time.

The pros of rib cartilage is there is lots of it and it has less of a tendency to warp over time. The cons are more pain after surgery and a more visible scar.

If you need a lot of cartilage you do not have much choice other than the rib.

Your other options are synthetic materials (silicone, goretex or medpor). Each has its own pros and cons as well.

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