Solution for swelling long after surgery?

I had an open septo rhinoplasty almost 2 1-2 years ago. It took around 4 and 1/2 hours and my nasal skin is very thick. I had a huge nose and it was done to reduce the size. I feel that the swelling is still there. I recently did a fraxel laser for my acne scars recently (one session). My dermatologist did it over the nose as well. Will this affect the swelling? I feel like the swelling has increased. The swelling does go down and it looks normal too. Can I still expect the swelling to go down?

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Swelling following rhinoplasty

Although there can be significant nasal swelling following rhinoplasty as the area recovers, it typically resolves by about 1 year. The fraxel laser treatment should not affect your result. I would suggest setting up an appointment with the plastic surgeon who performed your procedure for advice. It is not unusual for rhinoplasty surgery to require a revision on occasion, and your surgeon will be able to advise you if this would helpful. Good luck to you.

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Solution for swelling long after surgery?

I would return to your surgeon for an exam to determine if you would benefit from a revision.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Solution for Swelling Long After Surgery?

Since you have very thick skin, you may need a revision to eliminate some of the swollen tissue. This is not uncommon in patients with very thick nasal skin. See your Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation, and to discuss your options.

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Post operative edema following rhinoplasty and fraxel laser

The duration of post-operative edema has many variables. As you stated, having thicker skin will elongate the duration. Edema will last longer following an open rhinoplasty compared to a closed rhinoplasty procedure. The amount of edema will also be attributable to the amount of work performed on the nose. Residual edema tends to localize in the tip of the nose and will gradually resolve. A Fraxel procedure triggers the inflammatory process, therefore you will have swelling (which is a good sign the procedure worked well). I hope I was of assistance to you.

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