Solution for Ingown Hair All over Upper Lip and Beard? (photo)

Male medium dark skin I have what appears to be ingrown hair on my face and cheeks,where i shave on a regular basis. This gives me a very dark 5 o'clock shadow even right after I shave. Would a glycolic peel suffice to release the hair and if so how many sessions? If advising laser please note that I only want a reduction in the hair and not permanant removal and any hair reduction method would only be appealing to me if it evenly decreases hair as opposed to leaving the face patchy. Thanks

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Five o'clock shadow after shav

Without a physical exam it would be difficult to tell if it is an ingrown hair problem.  If your skin has darkened because of the shaving, then possibly a laser (such as the Revlite SI) that treats pigmented lesions could lighten the coloration of the affected areas without affecting the hair follicles significantly (it's good for fine hair, not thick facial hair.

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