Best Solution for Front Tooth Root Canals and Veneer/crown Work While Abroad?

3 yrs ago I broke my 2 front teeth 70% off. I had one root canal on 1 front tooth, and then both of my front teeth were temp. bonded. My dentist said I would need to get a 2nd root canal bc of severe nerve damage. Can I get a root canal while leaving the bonding on my tooth, then cover in a veneer? What’s better, a crown or veneer? Do I worry about discoloration? I am in Korea. Please help me make a good decision despite the language barrier and any info about receiving international dental work

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Veneers or Crowns For Front Teeth?

A root canal can be performed on this front tooth without disturbing the bonding.  I would consider placing full crowns on the front two teeth.  That will provide superior strength for these teeth.  Good luck. 


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Get the crowns

You can keep the bonding on since a root canal on a front tooth is done from the back, and would not disturb the bonding in the front.  However, I would not recommend this.  The crowns, while looking better will offer your tooth better support and will help prevent the tooth from further fractures.

Bradley Matthew, DDS
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Your best option would be crowns  because they are stronger and will last londger than porcelain veneers

Murray Bruckel, DDS
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Crown or Veneer on a tooth that has a root canal

You can have a root canal done without disrupting the bonding but a crown is more favourable on a tooth that has been root canaled in order to give the tooth more strength.

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Crown or veneer

My recomendation, would be Crowns, because you al ready got root cannals,and crowns will give you a more stronger support.

What to do about my two front teeth?

Yes you can have a root canal with bonding on the teeth done. I suggest a crown over a veneer since they will give you more strenght and all could be done in one visit if the dentist has a CEREC unit or E4D good luck


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