Is There a Solution After a Rhinoplasty to Correct an Assymetrical Result?

My nose is now smaller but after a cople of month it was quite obvious that the nose is asymetrical. One part is quite nice and the other one to be quite bad. My doctor seems to be a bit lost and he suggested to back up/pull up (?) my nose, but I am scared that it crush a little bit. I asked the doctor to wait 1 year before doing the operation Do you have any suggestions please ? Operation was in June 2010

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Revision Rhinoplasty to Address Asymmetry

You have waited plenty of time, in my experience, to undergo a revision procedure. You need to find out if your surgeon has the understanding and confidence to repair what are your concerns- and there is a chance that the nose cannot be made perfectly symmetric (especially if you had some elements of asymmetry before hand), but probably improved.

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Revision rhinoplasty

Dear Mia-lyon,

Sometimes the healing after a rhinoplasty doesn't go perfectly well.  I think it's great that your doctor is willing to make the changes for you because you are not satisfied.  You can wait a year or even 2 if you want.  The absolute minimum time to wait before revising a procedure is at least six months, which you are already past.

So take your time, think about it, there really is no rush.  Maybe a little graft on the right may help, it all depends how the first procedure was done.


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