Just had my 1st Thermiva treatment, noticed slight improvement, Does his mean the 2nd treatment will yield more benefits?

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Thermiva improvements continue with each treatment

You will get continued improvements with each treatment. Each one builds on the prior one. It is best to have 3 and then yearly touch ups.

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ThermiVa Treatment Protocol

The typical standard protocol for ThermiVa treatments at my practice is 3 treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart. I tell my patients that many women see improvement in symptoms after the first treatment, but that optimal results will be observed 3 months after the third treatment.

I would encourage you to complete your 3 treatments- as this is the standard protocol and symptoms should continue to improve over the next few months.


Three monthly ThermiVa treatments are needed for proper evaluation and for the best results!

My patients have had great success in treating dryness, laxity, mild to moderate exercise stress incontinence, difficulty reaching orgasm, etc.  with the required series of three painless 30 minute ThermiVa treatments - spaced a month apart.  You will likely see further improvement with the additional two treatments.  Single touch up maintenance treatments will likely be needed every 8-12 months.  There are many other positives- visit the web link I have provided for more info.  No down time, no changes in activities.  Just results.  We are the only office in the Albany NY, Capital District area currently providing this highly requested treatment which is done by me or by several of our certified, trained female aesthetic staff for your comfort and privacy.

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ThermiVa improvement after 1 treatment

that is great news! If you have felt an improvement after only 1 treatment , there is great chance that it will continue.  Enjoy the treatment : when it works it great ! Glad you have achieved a benefit. Remember that you'll need maintenance months later for continued satisfaction 

Tassos Dionisopoulos, MD
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The benefits of ThermiVa improve throughout your initial series


ThermiVa is provided in my clinic under the direction of our female Nurse Practitioner who has OB/GYN experience.  While I am not involved with our ThermiVa patients I have attended in the training and conversations regarding the results and patient feedback. As well, several of our female staff have been treated and share openly with myself and with prospective patients, their experiences. In every case scenario, the initial series of therapy (3-4 treatments most commonly) have been progressive and they've continued to see greater improvement with each consecutive treatment. 

All the best to you-

Dave Christianson, MD

Dave Christianson, MD
Saint Paul Physician

1 treatment, do I need more?

ThermiVa is a non surgical treatment option for those that have experienced stress urinary incontinence as well as a lack of lubrication. It is in my experience that every individual will have a different result, but with each treatment overall improvement in these areas will yield the best results.

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
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Is the Third Time the Charm?

Thanks for your question and congrats on your first ThermiVa treatment. It is true that you will see improvement in stress incontinence, lubrication, and tightening with each treatment. Enjoy your results!


Steven Camp MD


Steven M. Camp, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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What to expect from your 2nd and 3rd ThermiVa treatments

In my experience, yes! With a second and third treatment you will notice more tightening, lubrication and an improvement of stress urinary incontinence. ThermiVa is a fabulous non-surgical treatment option for vaginal rejuvenation and can also benefit some women who suffer from bladder control issue. Good luck on your treatment and I hope you notice more benefits from your next treatment.

Cheryl Karcher, MD
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Results after 1st, 2nd and 3rd ThermiVa treatments

Every body is different, likewise everybody who receives the ThermiVa treatment will experience slightly different results. Most people see results after the first treatment. The second treatment yields even more results, and the third treatment even more. With each treatment, you are getting more results and lengthening the amount of time those results will last for you. Although some people are satisfied, the recommended protocol for the best, most long-lasting results is three treatments. 

Ginger Isom-Batz, MD
Dallas Urologist
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ThermiVa Benefits Accelerate Over Time

Most women respond positively after just the first treatment. In my experience, the second treatment makes even a bigger difference. The third treatment is very important to get the full effect of this great technology. ThermiVa is a great procedure for so many ladies who don't quit need surgery, but would enjoy a tweak. Watch my five part video to learn more about the ThermiVa experience.

Kevin Light, DO
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