With Thermiva, what is the length of time between treatments, is 6 weeks to long to wait before the next treatment?

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ThermiVa treatments are performed at least several weeks apart.

ThermiVa treatments are performed at least several weeks apart to give time for the biological process to occur which is usually 4 weeks.  Six weeks would not be too long as best we know.  While this has not yet been fully studied,  I believe that waiting longer periods of time may diminish the optimal results obtained as it does in other areas of healing.

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Time interval between ThermiVa treatments

While the standard protocol for ThermiVa treatments is three treatments at one month intervals, waiting 6 weeks between treatments should be no problem. Further touch up treatments at 6-12 month intervals are commonly done after the initial 3 treatments.

Roby F. Hayes, MD
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ThermiVa treatments scheduled 4-6 weeks apart has delivered outstanding results for patients

Our clinic that focuses on feminine rejuvenation sees most patients every 4 weeks between ThermiVa treatments, however those who have not been on the exact schedule have reported consistently positive feedback. We always encourage patients to commit to their treatments during the initial therapy.  We've also seen patients who choose to purchase a treatment every few months as they notice symptoms or want to maintain the results and continue with visible improvement as well.

I hope my feedback is helpful to you. 

Dave Christianson, MD

Dave Christianson, MD
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How long can I wait between thermiva treatments?

The original studies with this technology had patients waiting four weeks between treatments.  Three treatments were advised.  I don't think it makes that much of a difference whether its four weeks or eight weeks or even longer.  I think you can listen to your body and see how you respond.  I have had some patients get one every three months and do very well.  I have had some patients get one treatment and be satisfied.  I had one patient whose husband was deployed get one every four weeks for six months to get ready for his return.  Thermiva is good for vaginal health and sexual response.  There is not one answer that fits everyone. 

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4-6 wks.

The 4-6 wk time frame between each treatment is the ideal time to ensure maximal tissue growth and regeneration. 

How far apart

It is recommended to schedule your ThermiVa treatments every 4 weeks for optimal results. We've had amazing results with ThermiVa at our office. Good Luck!

Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
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ThermiVA- length of time between treatments

We schedule them one month apart.  The recommendation is to repeat the treatment after 4-6 weeks.  So I would not wait any longer than 6 weeks.  Best wishes!

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Treatment Gap

Thanks for your question regarding ThermiVa.  The recommendation is treatment every 4 to 6 weeks and up to three treatments.  Hope your next procedure is great.


Steven Camp MD


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Time Between Treatments

Standard protocol recommends 3 treatments each done 4 to 6 weeks apart. We do not recommend waiting past 6 weeks, but up until that point is okay.

Ginger Isom-Batz, MD
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Time between treatments is 4-6 weeks, we recommend you don't wait longer than 6 weeks.   Best of luck!

Shahin Fazilat, MD, FACS
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