How much would a filler cost, and what's the best and safest filler? (photos)

I'm asking again how much would be a filler for my chin it's a dimple chin , I plan on getting it filled in a few months, but never the less some days my dimple chin is deep and some days it's decent but i want filled in , I put photos in there of what I wanted my chin to look like after it's filled in is that possible , the photos where it say not me , is the pictures showing how I want my chin to look with surgery

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Filler for chin dimple

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thanks for your question.  Yes, filler can be placed in the chin dimple.  I may not take much but that area could be filled in.  It is also possible that a small amount of Botox in the chin could relax the muscles in the chin and help get a more tapered look that is in your example pictures.  As far as filler cost.  It varies depends on what is used.  Juvederm usually runs around $600 for a 1 cc tube at my office.  

Dr. ODell

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