Is it dangerous to have more than 3 Mona Lisa treatments?

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Safe to have more than 3 monalisa treatments

Thank you for your question.I would recommend you consult with your gynecologist to discuss further treatment and perform a physical examination to make sure there aren’t any other factors contributating to you not achieving the results you desire. If after the first 3 treatments, you are unsatisfied with your results, then you may want to discuss having more treatments done. This is generally safe as long as they are performed 6 weeks apart. 
Best of luck in your endeavors!

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More than 3 MonaLisa Touch treatments

Hello Euclid,

The MonaLisa Touch laser is very safe when used properly.   The settings must be set right.  After the third treatment, if there are still symptoms, it is safe to proceed with further treatments.   Everyone is different.   The important thing is not to do them sooner than 6 weeks apart. 

I hope that will help you and that you will have relief very soon.

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Dr. P

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4th MonaLisa Touch Treatment

Absolutely! Many patients opt to have a 4th and sometimes even 5th treatment to ensure that the optimum results are achieved. Most providers utilize a "treatment package" system as most patients need 3 treatments, but every single woman is a little different. Discuss with your initial provider your concerns and they should be able to guide you to the best decision.

Is it safe to have a 4th MonaLisa Touch treatment?

The short answer is "yes, it is safe".  I agree with the comments below.  Make sure you have the correct diagnosis.  That being said, in the past year, my observation is the even 6 months after the 3rd treatment, patient's are noticing continued improvement.  I have had one patient, though who felt she needed a 4th treatment and is pleased with the results.

Karny Jacoby, MD
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Is it OK to have a fourth Mona Lisa or FemiLift treatment

Yes. Some of my patients choose to do an additional session to see if they can improve on their results further. There is nothing magical about the standard 3-session regimen other than it appears to produce maximal results in most women.

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MLT dangerous at more than three?

The fact that three works is the result of research over the last 5-10 years. It is worthwhile that only three work fine--however, there is no danger to continuing therapy except cost. I do not think this was studied here, but the tissue becomes less and less changeable if the changes have already happened. The introital (opening) skin is another matter and may add additional treatments if not identified in the beginning as a limiting piece of tissue for entry to the vagina and treated.

Lawrence Eisenhauer, MD
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No, it is not - but is the diagnosis correct?

Having 3 treatments represented the typical number of treatments that patients would choose to have in the original Italian pilot studies.  A seperate study of patients that had severe vaginal atrophy in breast cancer patients actually followed up for 6  months and 6 treatments -  'standardised questionaires' on bladder and sexual health were completed - and the finding was that there continued to be improvement after the 4th, 5th and 6th treatment anyway.( Now we do not know if the ongoing improvement at months 4,5 and 6  was a delayed effect of the first, second and third treatments or enhanced by the 4th, 5th and 6th treatment)

But to answer your question -  no - it is not dangerous.
Whether to have more than 3 treatments though - firstly - had there been improvement with the first 3 treatments - if there was no improvement at all - I would consider an alternative or additional pathology as a cause to  your symptoms - ?localised vulvodynia not related to atrophy -- vulval dermatitis for example.

If there had been improvements - including after the 3rd treatment - but you felt there was more improvement to be had then it is reasonable to have more than 3 treatments.

Jonathan Kew, MD
Sydney OB/GYN

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