Solar Lentigo or Mole?

A spot occured on my cheek 6 years ago and it gets bigger and darker in the summer. It was so small and light at first but now its larger and darker. It doesnt fade in the winter and It has a thick hair(only one). Its colour is orange-light brown and a bit smaller than a pencil eraser. Is it a malign lesion? I want to remove it but with what? Can chemical peel help? Thanks in advance

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Mole removal and skin cancer on the face

There is no way of determining whether a mole is dangerous or malignant simply by looking at it. The gold standard remains surgical excision with pathologic examination.  The scars are usually favorable. 

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Changing mole on the cheek

Any time you have a mole that is changing, to be safe you should be carefully evaluated by a board certified dermatologist. Please use the ABCDE's as your guide for when to be concerned about moles: A for Asymmetry; B for Irregular Borders; C for Black or uneven Colors; D for diameter greater than a pencil eraser; and E for a growth that is Evolving or changing. If necessary, it is an extremely simple five minute procedure for a dermatologist to remove the mole using either a "punch" or a "shave" biopsy which typically leaves a minimal scar. The mole can then be checked microscopically for reassurance. Chemical peeling is not an option for removing a mole. You can follow the video link below to learn more about identifying the changes in moles that are suspicious for skin cancer.


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Solar lentigo or mole?

It sounds like you need to have this lesion evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist to determine what it is and if it is benign or malignant.

Dina D. Strachan, MD
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Mole and chemical peel

I would highly recommend to see a board certified dermatologist for an evaluation and possible biopsy because as you described it changes the shape, color, size which is one of the signs of atypical nevus or malignant melanoma. I would not recommend to get removed it by chemical peel without previous biopsy has done. If biopsy shows atypical nevus or malignant melanoma it has to be removed surgically by excision, not by chemical peel.

Michele S. Green, MD
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Mole removal

I would highly recommend that you see a board certified dermatologist for an evaluation and possible biopsy. 

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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