Is the Softest Cohesive Silicone Gel Type 1 More Prone to Rippling?

I just had 375cc textured anatomical "gummy bear" implants placed dual plane.. They are a lot smaller than I expected due to shape and I woke up 1st day post op feeling rippling all around the implants on each breast, also visible rippling around cleavage area.I began researching and found these to be firmest and most likely to ripple.. Im changing to round smooth silicone gel, slighty larger and want the softest feel possible.will type 1 cohesive gel (mentor) be more prone to rippling though?

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Agree with Dr. Hochstein

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I agree with Dr. Hochstein. You need a lot of tissue thickness and small implants for form stable devices to camoflage well. I would hazzard a guess that you implant was too wide for your breast on your surgery.

Silicone level 1 and 2

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I have found that the level 2 or true gummy bear implants to be very firm, have rippling(due to texturing I believe), require an excessive incision for placement, and be too wide.  I believe the rippling with the level 1 to be comparable but to be much softer.  The patients who have had the level 2's which I have replaced with the 1's to be uniformly much happier.  Unfortunately you cannot take back the larger scar but I think the other issues can be improved for you.


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If youa re getting rippling now, you probaly have a very thin soft tissue coverage and may want to consider strattice or alloderm to line the pocket.

All implants ripple, saline the most, textured gel second and smooth gel least

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While you have breast implants that seem to small for what you wanted and you have textured gel implants placed in a dual plane that already are rippling, I don't believe that the solution to your problem is larger smooth wall gel implants. The larger the implants the more likely hood of ripples being seen and felt. While smooth wall gel is less that textured gel, I doubt that this switch will get rid of your ripples. What seems to work well is to increase the soft tissue cover of the implants by doing fat grafting in the areas of the ripples. This will not only help to hid the ripples but also give you more volume that you are looking for.

The only problem with this plan is that you may be very thin with out much fat available to graft. Fortunately almost every woman has some extra fat on their medial thighs. Hopefully this will be enough to cover the ripples.

Implant rippling

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If your tissues are exceedingly thin you will have rippling no matter what implant you choose. Switching to a round smooth implant will result in a softer breast but rippling will likely be present. Hope this helps!

Marcel Daniels, MD
Long Beach Plastic Surgeon

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