Soft Tissue Suspension After Malar Implant Removal?

I am having Cheek Implant removal soon and am wondering if an expert can tell me how often a soft tissue suspension after Malar removal helps prevent facial sagging? My current surgeon is stating that this procedure does not always work.

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Soft Tissue Suspension After Malar Implant Removal?

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 Suspension of tissues does not last IMHO.  In order to do so, you need two points of sold fixation.  An upper fixation that could be bone but the problem always remains the facial tissues themselves (lower point of fixation) which are not rigid and will not hold any form of suspension for an extended period of time.  When we remove Cheek Implants and they are nor slated to be replaced, some version of a minimal incision face Lift to tighten facial tissues and remove the excess is recommended

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