Soft Lump of Tissue Formed After Chin Implant Replacement, How can this be Removed?

I had a medpor chin implant for 3 years but had always found it too big. 3 months ago I decided to replace it with a smaller medpor implant. Now the size is good but a lump of soft tissue formed in the right if my chin where it meets the jawbone. From what I heard scar tissue is suppose to be hard, but the lump I have is very soft. It made me looked weird like there is a ball of tissue on my right chin. Could it be shrinkage of capsule from previous large implant? What can I do to remove it?

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Chin implant scar problem

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Scar tissue is not necessarily hard, Its the implant itself that is hard. A soft tissue lump could actually be the scar capsule collapsing. 3 months is quite a bit of time to have passed but its still worth waiting a few more months. Surgery could be done to remove additional tissue if needed.

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