I had FX Laser treatment three weeks ago. Now I have pigmentation on my whole face. (photo)

My dermatologist prescribed a hydroquinine cream and wants to apply IPL in one week time. I really fear it to put this cream on my brand new skin after the FX. I am more likely to accept the IPL. I hope you are able to give online consultations which I will pay for, of course. I can also send you pictures to see exactly how I look like right now. I am a 32 years old lady who is really desperate about the condition of her face. I need tons of make-up so as to be able to go out. Please help me....

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FX lashttp://www.michelegreenmd.com/fraxel-dual-laserer and Side Effects

From the pigmentation and side effects I would advise you to consult a board certified dermatologist.  FX laser is not the Fraxel laser and depending on your natural pigmentation may not have been the best choice for you.  Please consult an expert in lasers and your skin type for the best cosmetic results.

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