Best way to treat/massage fibrosis under retracted right eye & bulge on cheekbone after lower-lid bleph (+ bichectomy)? (Photo)

I had this “double” surgery 30 days ago. The right eye responded unfavorably: I first had hematoma around the cheekbone, where now stands a bulge. There was also fibrosis along the scar, which in turn provokes a “temporary” retraction. I’ve begun to massage both the fibrosis & bulge areas a bit more intensively than recommended (even with my knuckles), as I think the bulge is also pulling the eye. Could you please confirm this point and advise on how I should treat both areas (fibrosis & bulge)?

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Cicatricial eyelid retraction after transcutaneous blepharoplasty

There is no best way to massage the eyelid. You can certainly try direct massage. Time is also your friend. If the eyelid is still retracted after 3 months, see an oculoplastic specialist. You have cicatricial eyelid retraction.

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First, I am so sorry you are having an issue after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Buccal fat excision is seldom performed anymore.  We know understand that this fat is an important facial resource.  Regarding the lower eyelid retraction, no amount of "massage" will fix or resolve the lower eyelid retraction you are experiencing.  Please do not torture yourself with painful tissue manipulation that has no hope of accomplishing anything positive for these eyelids.  Now you might benefit from a limited amount of kenalog and 5-FU to the eyelid scar tissue.  You need careful assessment regarding the management of dry eye and chronic corneal exposure which can be associated with retracted eyelids.  This area needs to heal for 6 to 12 months and then you will need definitive reconstruction for these eyelids.

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