Could FUE Hair Transplants fix a person naturally high hairline?

A person have a pretty sharp widow's peak and am wondering if FUE Hair transplants are an easy fix for this unflattering condition?

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FUE to fix high hairline

FUE is generally a great method to fix and correct the hairline especially the widows peak.  Attached is a video that will show the procedure from beginning to end for a better understanding of the process.  I would recommend meeting with a hair restoration surgeon that can help you better understand the process and what to realistically expect for the correction of your hairline.

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Could FUE Hair Transplants fix a person naturally high hairline?

Hello, thank you for posting your concern. FUE is a great way, and the least invasive way for lowering your hairline. The number of grafts required are all based on how low the hairline is being dropped, according to the surface area. Hope this helps.

Matt Tahsini, MD
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You need a consultation with a doctor to see if surgery is right for you.
FUE is just a type of hair transplant surgery.
There are other types of surgery as forehead reduction.

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Correcting the widow's peak

If you are a female, FYI widow's peaks are present in over 80% of women. They are less common in balding men, but when they retain their forelock and lose the hair around the forelock. There are two ways to treat it. (1) you can laser out the hair at the widows peak. IF the hairline is ideal for you, then this is the least expensive approach but requires multiple laser treatments. These can also be removed by FUE and this works well in many patients. Transplanting around the widow's peak will cause a reshaping of the hairline and you and your surgeon must discuss this in detail to be sure that these changes are acceptable to you. If you are a balding male, be careful, as changes in the hair behind the widow's peak is a real risk, not so with women. 

The first women in the link below had a widow's peak which was burried in the hairline that was radically changed. 

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FUE to Fix a Widow's Peak

Yes, FUE with the current technology that is available to us can remove any hair from almost anywhere and move them to another place.  Many hairline abnormalities due to inproper or older techniques can also be repaired with FUE in a good hand.

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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