Do FUE Hair Transplants ever fall out?

Should a person be worried about their transplanted hair just falling out? They also have a toddler in the (very annoying) hair pulling phase -- would it be easy for them to rip out their transplants? How careful do they need to be? Is their new hair touchable/tuggable? Can they itch/scratch/rub around that area without damaging something?

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Do FUE Hair Transplants Ever Fall Out

If the hair was taken from the "safe donor zone" which is generally the back and the sides of the scalp, they should not fall out unless if you start thinning or losing the hair from the area in which the grafts were extracted from.  This is not very common.  Once the grafts have grown, it is your natural hair and they can be touched, manipulated, tugged on, etc.  However, repeated pulling out of the hair and trauma can lead to permanent damage of the follicles so this should be avoided.

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Normal hair

Transplanted hair is just like normal hair.  If you pull it out, it should grow back.  If you keep pulling it out it will not grow back. As long as it is one toddler/ one phase, it should be fine.  

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Pulling our FUE grafts

The graft hairs are very short and would be hard to pull out, nevertheless, be aware of any risk to the scalp and these hair grafts in the first week of so. They would be very difficult to 'rip the FUE grafts out'. Just be careful. 

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Do FUE Hair Transplants ever fall out?

Hair transplantation works because of something called the "donor dominance" principle.  The hairs on the back of your head are the donor hairs, and they are not sensitive to the effects of DHT like the ones in front are.  Because of this, you can move the insensitive hairs to the sensitive area and they will survive as though they were still on the back of the head.  They won't be susceptible to falling out from the effects of DHT.  Once the grafts take and the hair grows, they will be just as strong as any other hair on your head.  So, you can scratch, comb, and do everything like normal, but of course if you yank at them with enough force, they will get pulled out (no easier than any other hair on your head though).  Visit with a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist that does hair transplanting for more information in person. I wish you well!

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